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Blue Sky Newsletter September

Welcome to the latest edition of Blue Sky e-News!

This has been a challenging time for all businesses, not the least of which, companies involved in the cleaning industry! Not just because the standard of cleaning services has been thoroughly scrutinised, but also the Hotel quarantine fiasco has highlighted the risks associated with not ensuring employees are adequately training in infection prevention and control. At Blue Sky we were able to meet these challenges and to provide the highest standard of cleaning services to current and many new clients.

High level, disinfection cleaning is not new to Blue Sky as we have been providing cleaning services in high risk healthcare areas, where cleaning to reduce the risk of infection is critical, for many years. To rapidly respond to the everchanging landscape we built on our already strong experience, policies, procedures and training programs. Our collaborative style and responsiveness have enabled us to expand our services across the health care and local government sectors including many large metropolitan hospital sites. In addition to some of our important work involving decontamination cleans, we were entrusted to provide specialised cleaning and assist Ambulance Victoria with ambulance decontamination cleaning services. Our wonderful staff have managed to service thousands of ambulances at major metropolitan hospital sites and to support the hard working Paramedics.

I am proud to say not only have we survived this difficult time, but we have adapted quickly and thrived. Major credit must go to our operations team and frontline cleaning staff who have worked enthusiastically and tirelessly to manage the business operations. Thank you for your commitment and perseverance. Thank you for showing up each day, prepared and ready to work during this global pandemic. Your dedication has not gone unnoticed. I am also pleased to report that although the Job Keeper initiative has been vital for many Australians, Blue Sky has not needed to apply for any Government assistance during this time and has been able to continue to provide secure jobs for all of its employees. Something that I am personally proud of!

As restrictions begin to ease and we head towards recovery, please continue to stay safe and follow social distancing and good hand hygiene practices and please look out for one another.

As always, please contact Blue Sky if you require ongoing, one off or short notice cleaning services.  We would be happy to assist you.


Martin Premachandra 
Managing Director
Blue Sky Services

Infection prevention and control is a priority at Blue Sky services

COVID-19 is a virus like none other as it can be spread via droplets but also via contaminated surfaces and objects. To minimise the risk of spread we have all had to change the way we behave, the way we interact, the way we provide services and the way we clean.
An environment that not only looks clean but is clean of virus and bacteria is now critical to our personal wellbeing but also critical to the wellbeing of every business.

There are a significant number of additional measures which we have put in place to mitigate the current health risk. Blue Sky Services have up dated risk management policies and procedures and adhere to the latest advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), the Australian Government and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

Many of our clients have asked how Blue Sky Services are ensuring we provide well trained staff and the highest standard of sanitisation and disinfection cleaning services to minimise the risk health risks and prevent the spread of infection.

Common questions include the following:

How do we know that the Blue Sky cleaning staff understand infection prevention and control principles and practices ?

Having a healthcare expert who is a Registered Nurse on our team ensures our infection prevention and control training program is based on current best practice and practical knowledge. We have a simulation hospital room at our Notting Hill site where we provide face to face training for our cleaning staff and they get to practice disinfection cleaning processes, understand the chemicals used and practice donning and doffing PPE.

Blue Sky provide the following training for all cleaning staff and keep electronic records as evidence:

⦁ In-house Induction program- eLearning which is completed by all new staff and all staff annually and has been reviewed to include the most up to date information on infection prevention and control and COVID-19
⦁ Blue Sky Infection Prevention and Control Video with links to donning and doffing PPE, hand hygiene and COVID
⦁ Follow up quiz to determine staff understanding- pass rate must be >80%
⦁ Face to face training in our medical stimulation / training room at our Notting Hill Head Office
⦁ Hand Hygiene Australia eLearning module
⦁ Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 Infection control eLearning
⦁ Read the Blue Sky COVID-19 Policy and Disinfection and COVID-19 Cleaning Procedures and SWM

How we are minimising the risk of transmission of illness?

Blue Sky Services is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our staff and our clients.

To minimise the risk of transmission of infection from our staff and to our staff, we have details processes, plans, and controls in place which are detailed in our COVIDSafe Business Plan and our Minimisation of the Risk of Transmission of COVID-19 Policy

Both documents detail:

  • COVID-19 screening requirements before attending a site utilising our custom based mobile application
  • COVID-19 screening requirements upon arrival to a site
  • Not attending work if unwell
  • Self-isolation requirements and notification
  • Hand hygiene practices and expectations
  • Physical Distancing requirements
  • Face coverings
  • Use and disposal of PPE
  • Waste management protocols

Our best practice disinfection cleaning methodology is carefully documented and includes:

  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Disinfection Cleaning checklists
  • Policies and procedures

If you have any specific concerns or would like to know more about our operations, we encourage you to contact us or arrange a meeting. We would be happy to clarify any points.

The space may look clean but how can you reassure us, our staff, and visitors that the area has been disinfected?

You can clean without disinfecting, but you cannot disinfect without cleaning.
Cleaning and disinfecting are two different procedures that should be used together to remove and kill germs.

Disinfection cleaning is the use of cleaning methods and cleaning chemicals that are known to kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces to prevent the spread of infection. The processes and cleaning chemicals used are based on the Australian Government recommendations, TGA listed hospital grade disinfectants & the World Health Organisation recommendations.

Clients may request a disinfection clean for several reasons such as:

⦁ When an organisation has event where several staff and/or patients have become unwell or tested positive to the same illness e.g. COVID-19, gastro, flu
⦁ An organisation has a suspected case of COVID-19
⦁ An organisation want to reassure staff and visitors, so want a complete disinfection clean completed
⦁ The management of the organisation want to minimise the risk of their staff getting sick with a virus or bacteria, including COVID-19

When Blue Sky staff undertake a disinfection clean, they have had appropriate training and follow the Blue Sky Disinfection/COVID-19 Cleaning process which specifies exactly what must be cleaned, how it is to be cleaned and what chemicals will be used.

Following every disinfection clean the area is inspected and an electronic disinfection cleaning checklist with before and after pictures is supplied to the client as evidence of the clean.

When Blue Sky receives a request for a disinfection clean our Operations Managers and/or Client Services Managers will liaise with the client to gather specific information and to carefully plan the service If you would like to know more please feel free to get in touch with us.

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